About repair service (sports equipment repair / gut stretching / training equipment)

We are repairing and maintaining a wide range from repairing sports equipment to repair maintenance of sports wheelchairs, training equipment, and repair of running machines at eki Hiro.

Please consult with Eki Hiro everything related to sports.

Repair of training equipment

From the repair of the training machine, health equipment, fitness bike installed at the facility, please leave it to maintenance so that you can use them safely for a long time.

In the EKIHIRO, from the process of selling training equipment, we are carrying out repairing and maintenance of training instruments that we do not sell.

Please leave the repair of training equipment and fitness bike in Hiroshima prefecture.

In addition, maintenance equipment is also necessary for training equipment safety. Please leave maintenance to us in order to safely use operators of training studio, health promotion gym in company, health care facility such as nursing home health care facility, equipment / machine safely.

Repair of pitching machine

We also repair pitching machines used in baseball clubs and batching centers along with training machines.

Pitching machines are very dangerous if they break down. Please contact us as soon as possible when you feel bad condition such as abnormal noise.

Repair of wheelchair for sports

Wheelchair sports have become popular and it has become an era when many people with disabilities sports.

However, sports wheelchairs are often broken due to intense movements.

Damage to the wheelchair used for sports can be life-threatening, so daily maintenance becomes very important.

If you have a wheelchair in use that has broken down please contact EKIHIRO.

If you are a user in Hiroshima Prefecture, you will be asked to collect up to your home · I will repair it and deliver it.

Gut replacement service

In order to provide the most suitable gut for customers, we must have not only trustworthy equipment and craftsmanship skills but also abundant knowledge of GATT. It is important to be able to give advice on guts and tension according to the skills and physical fitness of all players.

In EKIHIRO, all staff absorb and train the knowledge every day in order to be a trusted sports shop for customers, and we have acquired the license of the test "HARIBITO" hosted by GOSEN, a gut manufacturer used in the world.


Gosen is the world's first gut manufacturer who has created synthetic guts.

In Gosen there was the best "tension technique" cultivated over 25 years as an official stringer of the international convention. "HARIBITO" license is born to provide that "tension technology" to all players.

For details, please see the official page of "HARIBITO".